San Marcos University Ubuntu Talks

Publicado en julio 14, 2008


July 12th .- Ubuntu Peru was invited to direct talks about Ubuntu in the System and Informatic Engeniering Faculty of San Marcos University. Nicolas Valcarcel (nxvl) talked about Ubuntu’s Release process and Learning from FLOSS. Michael Garrido (xander21c) talked about Ubuntu Peru : the comunity and Ubuntu and the commnad line.

pictures courtesy of Luis del Campo and San Marcos Students.

more pictures here

About San Marcos University

San Marcos University is the first university founded in America by the Spanish in may 12 1551. San Marcos is part of Peruvian history and really important because during the Independence period was one of the enlightenment spots in the region.

Also many of the most important Peruvian history characters like José María Arguedas (writer), Jorge Basadre (historian) among others studied in San Marcos

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