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Publicado en noviembre 13, 2008


Hello Planet Ubuntu,

Its been a busy and exciting October and November so far.

October 24.

San Marcos University (UNMSM)’s Fluid Mechanics Faculty invite Ubuntu Peru representative to give a talk about Ubuntu , because they are fully migrating to GNU/Linux distro in this case Ubuntu. The students also research applications for their flied, I was amaze to know that this applications only run an gave exact results on GNU/Linux.

Such applications are use for wind, water, heat, structures simulations in contact with fluids

See pictures here

October 31

So a week later were invited to Industrial Engineery Faculty to give a FLOSS introduction also gave a demostration of Ubuntu on our laptops and solve lots of questions about avantages of using a GNU/Linux distro.

We invited a Dokeos Representative, Yannick Warnier to show them an example of a good and professional FLOSS application, that is develop on using ubuntu

See Pictures Here

November 8

FESOLI 2008 :I will make a more detailed post later

Still to come:

November 15

Ubuntu Day – Meeting Intrepid Ibex : Also detailed post soon

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